Amazon Seller Perks and Limits - How to Profit From the Amazon Seller Perks

13/May/2020 00:00

Amazon is a world-renowned online marketplace. With hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide, Amazon has the potential to provide significant business opportunities for sellers. The popularity of Amazon as a seller's marketplace extends beyond a consumer base, however.

If you are an online retailer who has been "Amazonified," as I describe it, then you will likely also be familiar with the restrictions placed on sellers' sales on the Internet. In a recent forum posting I asked "how many sellers in this community have an understanding of Amazon's restrictions on what categories and price tiers are gated?"

After an extensive survey of the ecommerce community, we discovered that a sizable number of sellers make full-time money-earners by selling products on Amazon. And while those sellers of course know about Amazon's product pricing and product category restrictions, they often do not fully understand the intricacies of how they operate in Amazon's marketplace. Some are simply trying to break into the industry without fully comprehending how they can make money online.

Even if you aren't one of those "Amazon Seller" types, you still should be aware of the factors that restrict what products you can sell on Amazon. Understanding the limitations placed on your ability to sell products on Amazon will help you succeed and attract customers.

One of the most common price restrictions you can find on products on Amazon is the price tiering requirements. For example, when creating products in a standard product category, you may be able to create a product at a minimum or discount price, but not a maximum or wholesale price.

In addition to that, there are two seller filters you can set up on your Amazon account that will help you better manage your products. You can add items to the "My Products" section, but you can also remove products from the "My Products" section. In addition, you can limit the amount of time (every day or every week) that a product will remain in your "My Products" section.

You can find Amazon FBA Gated Product restrictions on eBay. While eBay does not allow you to sell products at a maximum or wholesale price, they do have similar restrictions, which includes limiting the amount of money you can make by selling products. While you cannot sell items at a minimum price or maximum price, you can create a minimum and a maximum amount for each product.

Amazon has a filter where you must set a minimum and maximum price for each product that can be sold. You cannot sell a product for less than the price that you set, nor can you sell a product for more than the price you set.

A third item where Amazon has similar restrictions to eBay is the FBA Gated category filter. A "Gated" category is one where a seller cannot list a product for free.

These are just a few examples of limitations that you can find on product listings on Amazon. Although there are a number of additional restrictions, such as adding an author statement, you can find additional information on Amazon's product listings as well as those on eBay. You can also find additional information on each of these sites by visiting the respective website links below.

So how do you break into the area restrictions on Amazon? For example, if you are selling books, then it is unlikely that you can break into "fiction" without first mastering the other areas. And if you are selling sports merchandise, then you will need to master the FBA restrictions before you can create a product for sports.

This article was written to help you understand how you can become an Amazon Seller and further understand how you can improve your business. Hopefully this has helped you better understand the barriers that you need to overcome if you are serious about running a successful business on Amazon.

by unnatural, [email protected]