What You Get With Unicorn Smash - Some Free Unicorn Smash Tips

22/May/2020 00:00

The unicorn smash is an amazing extension for Firefox and Chrome. It can be downloaded from the webstore and has been designed with a degree of neatness and technical perfection. But this site, as well as other extension sites, are not free to use. So I would like to let you know that the unicorn smash is an authentic free Chrome extension which means it's free but you need to pay for the unicorn smash free.

So, how is it different from any other Chrome extension? Well, as you'll see from the description below, it does a few really neat things. But first, here is what you get with the free version of the unicorn smash:

It offers three background colors, so you can easily change your text or background color. The colors include Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Blue, Black, Pink, White, Purple, and Gray. You can choose a nice background for your website to add a professional look.

It also allows you to add banners to your pages. You can put in image URLs or images on your page and change the backgrounds as you please. Then you can change the colors when you want and put the URL of the banner in your HTML.

The unicorn smash also helps you find certain phrases using Google search and in the result pages it tells you which are the words that you need to search again for. This way you can maintain a running list of most-searched phrases and this will surely make your work much easier.

The unicorn smash also allows you to share your website by getting a Google web map for it. It also provides your address as well as the exact location of your site.

It also comes with a Universal Search option. Thiswill help your visitors searching in Google from a totally different country to find your site by their location, even if you have changed your site address.

The unicorn smash also helps you manage your sites. It makes it easy to organize and manage your favorite sites like My Yahoo, Google Buzz, Flickr, Quora, LinkedIn, and Digg.

It also has a Google Maps feature which shows the locations of all your favourite sites. With just one click you can launch the Google Maps by clicking the icon.

The unicorn smash also has a URL auto-filler tool for you. And this can be very useful when you have to make corrections on your site.

The rainbow sirens feature will enable you to tell your visitors to bookmark your site. It has all the features of a bookmarking service which is why it's called a bookmarking service.

This is what you get with the unicorn smash. But you do have to know that all these features require a few dollars to make use of them.

by unnatural, [email protected]